How my coach expedited my success!

Today I went for a check in with my fitness coach Andrew Darin of Daring Fitness. I have been doing my weight training on a regular basis using Bill Phillips’ Body-for-Life system, including high intensity interval cardio work on alternate days. Boy was I in for a surprise. Andrew knocked me out of breath in less than 20 minutes, making me realize I have been working below my standards. Similar to what I do with my clients’ in sales we started to put a more ambitious program together for the next four weeks. Now that I am reminded of my body’s potential I can’t wait to get back in the gym and take my HIIT to the next level. I felt relaxed and full of energy, more than usual, and for those of you who know me personally you would might wonder how much “higher energy” one can get. I will keep yo all posted on the results of my new HIIT as we go along.