The secret to my failure

Well following up from where we left it last time, I don’t feel as accomplished when I do the HIIT exercises on my own than when I work along with Andrew. The reason is actually pretty simple — it is why both Andrew and I are in our profession. I for one can’t do a good job of challenging myself while I am already sweating like hell. I am so focused on doing it that I lose focus on whether I am over doing it or not achieving the same level of success when working out together. Then I thought duh, that’s exactly the reason people work with me, to keep them accountable, to encourage them to stretch towards their potential, give them feedback, help them come up with the answers they need, and keep encouraging them to aim at new horizons, after all that’s how the concept of Expediting one’s success came about.

I am thinking for the next blog I will focus on some of the client challenges I am experiencing. Enough of sweet and weights for now.