Personality – 1

Personality – 1

This is another piece under Challenge 44 – which is a project to improve my writing in 90 days.  This is the first phase and the purpose of this phase is meeting a deadline rather than making remarkable content.

In an earlier article we talked about the fact that people have different personality styles and as part of our goal for career development it is important to have a better appreciation of each personality style and work with them not according to our own style but rather their preferences.  In this article we will break it down for the preferences of each style and recommendations on how to work with each.

The Dominant Style

The dominant style needs to know about what will be the outcome, by when, and how much it would take to accomplish that outcome.  They are interested in speed or action. They are interested in saving time.  To help them make a decision provide them with options and supporting documents for what you propose. In conversation they would like you to stay to the point. Their focus is for you to support their goals. In terms of interpersonal interaction their preference is for you to work with them in a businesslike manner.  They are fast paced and decisive and in that regard you would need to keep that pace with them. In working with the dominant style remember that their focus is on the completion of the task more than maintaining a relationship, so you need to be able to deliver within the parameters you have set. The can be considered competitive and aggressive in the pursuit of their goals and you would like to make sure they feel that they are in charge and a winner. They are very sensitive about the efficiency of time in your relationship.  Don’t beat around the bushes and go to the point. Similarly in communications you want to be concise, short and to the point.  The would not b interested in lengthy phone conversation so just like written communications you want to be to the point and brief. Don’t spend too much time trying to build rapport.

The Influencing Style

The influencing style is status conscious. They want to know how, whatever you are promoting will help them with their visibility and stature.  Similar to the dominant style they have a fast and dynamic style of interactions. Their focus rather than time is on the ease of getting things done. In order to help them make a decision, incentives as well as testimonials will help because they are relying on other people’s input and work to make it easier for them to decide. In terms of communications, rather than brevity their focus is on stimulation.  Rather than being to wrapped up about their goals their focus is more on creativity and their ideas. They get excited about things and you need to be able to maintain and enthusiastic attitude to be able to maintain rapport with them. The share the fast pace with the dominant styles but rather than focusing on making a decision they are more focus on spontaneity.  Their priority is interaction and building relationship. It is important to be spontaneous and playful in communications with them. in regard to the use of time their focus is on enjoying the interaction as opposed to getting things done.  In terms of written communications their preference is more dramatic and informal style of communication. When speaking with them on the phone their style is to be more playful and conversational and rather than efficiency.


The Steady Style

The steady style needs to know how what you are promoting and presenting will affect the circumstances of them or their loved one.  Rather than a fast pace they are more focused on a friendly interaction.  Their focus, contrary to a dominant (time) and influencing (effort) is to avoid conflict.  To help them make a decision you need to be provide personal service and assurances that they will attain what is being promised. Their preference is for you to be pleasant in you interactions with them. Rather than goals, and ideas their focus is in feelings, theirs and others. Their most comfortable setting is one that is a more personal setting.  Contrary to Influencing an dominant styles their preference is a slow and relaxed pace.  Similar to influencing style their focus is on the relationship with you and the communication that is transpiring. Their style of interaction is more of a casual and cooperative.  In terms of use of time their focus is more on building the relationship so they are not in any hurry to make a decision or end a meeting. Their preference in terms of written communication is one of warm and friendly and similarly when on the phone they would prefer a  warm and pleasant conversation without regard to duration of a call.


The Conscientious Style

In presenting or promoting and idea to a Conscientious style their focus is on how it would work and what they need to be able to justify it.  Their focus is on precision and accuracy and you better have you numbers and data to prove it.  Contrary to a dominant who is trying to avoid wasting time, or an influencing who is trying to minimize his efforts, or a steady who is trying to avoid conflict, the conscientious is focused on avoiding embarrassment.  That is why as mentioned earlier you need to provide them with ample documentation and data that can help them make a decision they can defend. So they want you to be precise and accurate in what you are presenting.   They are also very by the book.  They want to follow precise procedures and would expect you to do the same in serving them.  In line with this need they are very serious about their work and prefer a very serious style of interaction. In terms of pace similar to a steady they prefer a slow but unlike a steady they prefer a very systematic pace.  Consequently, their priority is on the task at hand and the process it takes to accomplish that. They play by the rules and would expect you to play by the rules and follow the defined structure.  Their approach to the use of time is base on accomplishing accuracy. In written communication you need to be focused on their need for detail and precision and on the phone you would want to maintain a very businesslike and precise approach.

In future blogs on this topic I will focus on how to manage, motivate and sell to each style.