Causes Important to Michael

Coaching Inmates to Return to Productive Lives

Every month, Michael donates a portion of his personal income to OAR of Fairfax County. OAR is dedicated to ending the cycle of violence and crime by assisting rehabilitated citizens returning to society to live healthy and productive lives. In addition to financial contributions, Michael leverages his coaching skills and works with inmates as they get ready to be released from incarceration.

Helping Homeless Iranian Child Laborers

Michael also regularly contributes to a number of organizations that help street children in the Middle East get education and transition out of homelessness.

Supporting Entrepreneurs Worldwide

To help entrepreneurs around the world, every month Michael gives a number of interest-free loans on Kiva. Out of the hundreds of people Michael has helped, not a single individual has defaulted on these loans. Some have written to let him know how a little amount of money has helped them grow their business and improve their lives.