Client Achievements

– Communications firm increased revenue by 461% in only 15 months. Now working on going national and franchising.
– Federal contractor grew pipeline to $100M, won $50M in new accounts (CMS, DHA, HRSA, NIH, HHS) in 18 months.
– A&E firm became the sole awardee of a $30M single award IDIQ from FDA.
– Improved customer retention rate by 4%, leading to 23% increase in profitability
– Retained capture rate while reducing advertising expenditure 43%
– Overcame call reluctance and improved focus on priorities through neural reconditioning
– Transitioned from a sales executive to the owner of her growing business—in a slow economy
– Clarified personal long-term goals and grew revenue 78% using a business plan that reflected those goals
– Embraced a win-win paradigm that led to a new revenue stream with federal contractors
– Maintained life balance in all 8 areas as company consistently grew 30% annually
– Became an effective mentor to his key personnel
– Clarified strengths and got new, skilled partners, enabling a profitable early retirement!
– Dramatically improved employee retention and productivity using value-based assessments
– Captured 36% of DC’s federal construction and A&E accounts for PM and supervisor staffing in less than 6 months
– Developed and successfully implemented succession plan, meeting his personal goals
– Filled 50% more work orders per shift with the same level of resource utilization
– Mechanical contractor increased revenue from 0 to $8M in 3 years while maintaining the same level of overhead

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