Michael’s Story

Michael Metres-Akbar is a certified business coach and senior sales professional with extensive experience working with individual sales professionals, as well as start-up, mature, and growth businesses. He has a unique blend of sales, marketing, and operations experience in the services, manufacturing, technology, and federal sectors.


Michael has helped his clients generate outstandingly rapid success. For example, one small business client developed business in five more federal agencies in less than two years, generating over $50M in annual revenue, and continues to maintain a $100M annual pipeline. Another business owner client, despite suffering from multiple sclerosis that had dramatically impacted her speech, convinced a federal agency to grant her a $30M contract by bypassing the typical competitive process. Individual clients in information technology, construction, architecture and engineering, recruiting, financial services, real estate, communications, fitness, and other sectors have grown their businesses rapidly and also gracefully adapted to the challenges of rapid growth. In one case, a struggling owner grew her B to C business by 461% in 15 months. She is now working on developing the B to B side and setting up structures that will enable her to franchise and take her business national.

Trial by Fire

While Michael loves his work today, he entered into the field of sales originally not by choice but rather out of necessity. Michael received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from McGill University and his master’s in systems engineering from the City University of London. But the advent of war in the Middle East meant that instead of applying his education, he had to start his career as a refugee in Thailand at a time when he could not speak Thai. His positive outlook on life nevertheless encouraged him to start cold calling door to door to find a job, developing a skill in connecting to people by transcending verbal communication to establish trust and develop relationship.

Without any business education, mentoring, or guidance, Michael had to learn to navigate unfamiliar territory; face repeated rejections; and at times confront, cope with, and overcome bias and prejudice. In the course of this journey, Michael faced repeated failures, financial difficulties, and finally the breakup of his marriage. He considers those experiences as valuable gifts that enabled him to rediscover himself and his purpose in life. His analytical skills enabled him to develop the understanding, tools, and methodologies that are now helping other sales professionals rapidly exceed their own expectations of what they can accomplish.


In the course of his experience—which included working with IBM and GE and leading three startups—Michael researched and applied the principles of almost every sales methodology known to humankind. Combining these principles with the study of psychology, Michael meticulously captured what works, what doesn’t, and why. Michael holds a certification as an executive associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB), enabling its 4500 members worldwide to leverage his expertise in assisting their small business clients. Similarly, CMT [Coaching Mentoring Training] International has awarded Michael the certification of diagnostic coach.

The Expedite Success Integrated Framework™

Michael has mastered his understanding of human behavior, peak performance, business development, and sales through 25 years of research, field experience, and spiritual transformation. The Expedite Success Integrated Framework™ he has developed remains among the most effective tools available for the rapid growth of a business or individual sales professional.

The framework developed by Michael goes beyond tools and techniques and is rooted in an understanding of human connectedness and each individual’s purpose in life. Michael is working on a book that for the first time introduces sales not only as a profession but also as a calling and introduces powerful spiritual principles that can fuel your sales success, fulfillment, and happiness. While different personality types may appear more apt for sales success, Michael’s principles provide a personalized and unique path for each individual to succeed in sales. This proves important for many professionals whose title may not imply selling but who are in reality required to sell clients, supervisors, and peers on their ideas every day.

Inspiring and Exhilarating

In addition to offering highly interactive workshops, Michael provides personalized coaching to a select group of sales professionals, including small business owners and sales managers of small to mid-size companies. By living his outlook on selling, clients find that selling not only becomes a means of generating wealth but also an inspiring and exhilarating way to contribute to humanity. Individuals interested in qualifying for one-on-one coaching with Michael are encouraged to complete a preliminary assessment. When you complete your free Sales Checkup and Tune-up Session you should expect to come away with an Action Plan, energized and inspired to Expedite your Success. Start here.