Typical Clients

Many of our clients started working with us because they answered yes to one or more of these questions:

– Do you ever feel powerless falling down the spiral of the rules your buyers set?
– Do you hear “we will let you know” after all the trouble you went through to present to client?
– Do you rush to give clients a presentation only to find out you don’t know their real timeline?
– Do your clients avoid telling you their budget?
– Do you sell to clients’ bogus functional pains without digging into their emotional pains?
– Do you find yourself uncertain about who calls the shot at your clients?
– Do your customers ever change their mind after you thought the sales was over?
– Do you ever feel hurt, frustrated, or at least disappointed because clients are not being honest with you?
– Do you ever make the big sale only to watch your team blow it off?

Taking that first step of recognizing these challenges helped our clients break the cycle of frustration and start on their path to unprecedented growth. If these challenges resonate with you and you are interested in qualifying for one-on-one coaching with Michael complete our preliminary assessment. When you complete this free Business Checkup and Tune-up Session you will come away with an Action Plan, energized and inspired to Expedite your Success. Start here.