Expedite Success Integrated Framework
Mentoring, just like Assessment , Strategy , Training , and Coaching is a unique and invaluable component of the Expedite Success Integrated Framework . What makes this component especially unique is Michael’s own 25 years of sales and operational experience. Unlike many coaches today, who have no professional experience in the professions of their clients, Michael knows the science and art of marketing, sales, and business development. Using the Expedite Success Integrated Framework, a training moment can transition back and forth into a coaching moment or a mentoring moment. For example, Michael might actively participate in the formulation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming scripting that is new to a client. On another occasion, he may actually come with you and witness you interacting with a prospect. He could also share with you his unique perspective learned in the field on the kind of interactions you would want to experiment with at a trade show. If need be, Michael will attend the trade show and then guide you on your self-discovery of how you performed and how you might build on that for the next transaction with a prospective customer.

Individuals interested in qualifying for Mentoring or related services are encouraged to complete the preliminary assessment. When you have your free Sales Checkup and Tune-up Session with Michael, you should expect to come away with an Action Plan, energized and inspired to expedite your success. Start here.