Expedite Success Integrated Framework

For many sales professionals whose focus is to get better results from their daily actions and speed up the attainment of their goals, the next step after Assessment is to get started with Coaching .

For others, and in particular small business owners, the assessment process may open up questions about a need for new approaches to accomplishing those same goals. Even in this case, the next step is coaching, but the focus of this coaching phase will be on developing new approaches and breaking those down into specific action plans that can ultimately be integrated into their daily plan.

Some of our clients have used the strategy process to re-examine and even eliminate pursuing a market segment, selling a specific product, or even doing an entire line of business so they can better focus on what has worked for them. The strategy process has helped others leverage their success in one area to open up new markets. In other cases, the process has enabled reexamination of the marketing mix and implementation of new tactical approaches for the same market or product set.
While Michael has developed a powerful framework, the exact path selected by the client during the strategy phase depends entirely on the outcome of the assessment.

Individuals interested in qualifying for one-on-one coaching with Michael or related services are encouraged to complete the preliminary assessment. When you have your free Sales Checkup and Tune-up Session, you should expect to come away with an Action Plan, energized and inspired to expedite your success. Start here.